Assurance to a consumer is reading the product we deliver plays an important and vital role, apart from the Quality Assurance a consumer also looks for the certification and processes through which the product is coming from. Since its not possible for every consumer to visit our farms and facilities they look for third party assurances through which they are assured that product in his plate is 100% Safe, Hygenic, Healthy and is same what it has been claimed.

At Aryavarta, All our products are Certified Organic as per NPOP (India Organic) and NOP (USDA) regulations, This Organic Certification for each and every individual product has multiple step verification system starting from the Farm and Farmer to its processing and packing and delivery. This certification is issued on yearly basis and only after audits of all the processed involved. In India Organic Business and Processes are regulated by APEDA and APEDA further has authorised approx. 40 Certification Bodies to do such audits of Farms, Farmers, Warehouses, Processing and Packing units which check and do the audits before certification of the products on quarterly basis. So a Consumer of our Products can be assured and same is mentioned on all products in form of logos which only a certified Organic Producer and Processor can use.

Getting the Farms, Farmers, Processes and Products Organic Certified is a herculean task and requires lot of dedication and effort, Our team ensures each and every year we get Organic Certification for all our processes, farms and products, as organic certification need to be renewed every year after successful completion of Organic Audits. We work continuously and consistently to achieve highest standards of Organic certification.