At Aryavarta, it’s all connected. Our methodology begins with our farmers. In our integrated approach, we begin by offering organic certification and training to our farmers. Through our certified sources and under the guidance of our ground level force, we ensure a supply chain of quality organic goods. We pay our farmer partners a premium over market prices and subsequently make agriculture a viable option for them. To make the process of procuring and marketing our goods as efficient, transparent and fair as possible, we have integrated each crucial step into our working business model.

Farmer Training:

Our Farmers are one of the strongest pillars of our Organisation, We work with more than 3600 Farmers in 6 states of India, These Farmers are not only producers for us but are like our families and our Backend Team members are in touch with them on day to basis. Aryavarta carries out regular Training and Certification Programme. Our Field staff transfers the technology know how of Organic Farming, its steps and further analyse the fields, soil, climate and suggest them the best crops, seeds and inputs as per the ecological assessment. Farmer Training and their assessment is necucesaay to encourage organic farming practices, increase farm yields and give them an environment where our farmers are empowered and their socio economic status is uplifted.

The process of converting a conventional farm to a certified organic is a three-year process. During this time, Aryavarta Team trains the farmers in organic farming techniques and assists them in selling the interim crops in conventional markets. We ensure that our farmers take an informed decision and go for Organic Farming rather than just following whats trending.


Aryavarta closely monitors the farms and farmers not only for their technological know how needs and inputs needs but also on farm health. We have strict guidelines for farm monitoring which our felid executives and supervisors do on regular intervals during the crop season starting from the field preparation for sowing to crop growing time to its final harvest to ensure that crop is grown and harvested in compliance with global organic standards. This way we help our farmers to take right steps and use right inputs in the farm as per the crop and farm health, helps us to procure and source only what is good and helps our consumers and customers to deliver what is genuine and good for them.


Aryavarta source the produce/ crops through its certified farmers community from hills to plains and mountains which is a herculean task, after assessment of their seed quality, crop quality, harvest time, processing required and other parameters, we support our farmers by paying Organic Premium on all the produce. We give the liberty to farmer to decide the rates for his crop on the basis of ongoing market rates vis a vis his input and output of the crop, this way we want to promote Agripreneurship among our farmers. Sourcing since done from all parts of India, we ensure that different lots of crops from different parts and states are stored and processed separately. The sourced and procured stock is further transported to our Warehouses/ cold storages and Central Processing Unit.

Processing and Packaging:

All stocks that has been procured from different parts of India from our Organic Farmer Community is transported to our Central Warehousing and Processing Unit at Jaipur which is spread in 3 Acres (6600 Gaj) and have access to dry and cold warehouses as well as internationally organic certified processing units for processing and stocking the farm grade procured commodities. Since all these commodities are procured from farmers these are in farm grade conditions and required further cleaning, grading and processing to give them a sellable form. Our State of art Processing unit has following organic processing units - Cleaning / Grading and Sortex, Co2 Fumigation Unit/ Cocoons, Flour Processing unit, Dalia Processing unit, Spices grinding unit, Dehusking Unit for Grains and Pulses, Oil Extraction unit, Processed Products Manufacturing unit and world class packaging unit.

Aryavarta always endeavours to bring the best technology in processing of all the products to ensure that only the best quality product with its nutritions intact, reaches to our buyers and end consumers.

Quality Control and Traceability:

Quality is our key word which drives all the processes, systems and operations of Aryavarta. Our whole team ensures that we meet the global quality standards and meet the expectations of the market and our consumers. To Make this possible all procured commodities are divided in batch sizes/ lots as per there quality parameters and tested for Pesticide Residual Limits, Physical, Chemical and Biological Parameters as per global standards. The products sourced to the product being packed and sold in the market we have transparent system in places where we can identify that the pack in your hand has came from which part of India and from which farmer and its farm detail. It is possible by unique traceability system which our Batch Numbers can explain. We want our products to be pure, traceable and our system to be transparent, which starts from the day when farmers sows the seeds in his field, Farm diaries are filled to ensure that which farmer is going to harvest what and its estimated yield, this way we are also able to forecast our procurement and sales planning. This gives a clear identification of the origin of the products which also helps our customer care team and quality team to resolve the quality and taste related issues of consumers.

Sales and Distribution:

It is well said that the strength of a Brand and its brand width and value is identified by what their buyers/ consumers say about it and its reach. Aryavarta Organics, Our Products its taste and its brand INDUZ is a well know brand among organic consumers and organic industry, though we have never put a system to asses our ranking in the market but our consumers rate us as one of the trusted, valued and growing brand in the Industry. Apart from selling in Bulk to almost 100+ Organic Buyers in India and abroad our retail products are presently available in 500+ retail stores which is growing day by day and have plans to go worldwide with USA, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, UAE, Singapore, Mauritius etc in mind.

Our Sales and Marketing Team is one of our biggest strengths which works day and night to ensure that every time we meet the expectation of our buyers, our consumers and each time we deliver what we are expected to! We wish to further improvise on all the expectation and quality as this is an ongoing process where we wish to learn everyday.

Quality Assurance:

The Torch Bearer of our Success Path!

Quality consciousness is imbibed and inculcated into our processes, systems and operations and every assurance from us is backed by a robust system that monitors and controls quality from end to end; from the choice of seeds best suited to the unique conditions of each farm, to prompt customer service and accurate delivery of every order.

Our commitment to quality is backed by substantial investments in high-tech testing equipment and trained Quality Assurance professionals. Our fully-fledged QA team operates a dedicated in-house laboratory to guarantee a full range of potential hazards on physical, chemical and biological parameters including extraneous matter, moisture, bulk density, granulation, E.coli, salmonella, platelet counts, protein content, pesticide, aflatoxins and more.

Apart from this we have on board NABL accredited and internationally acclaimed Laboratories i.e. - Europhins, Environocare, Microchem Silliker, TUV, etc through which we get the lab tests done like PR residual test on time to time or on as on when required basis.

The realization of the Quality Policy is achieved through:

Implementation and management of the company’s Food Safety and Quality Management system to the global standard.

Ensuring all staff are aware of and understand the companies Quality Policy and commitment to Quality & Safety.

Conducting adequate training to a level commensurate with their work activity.