Amla Juice 500 Ml


Amla Juice

Organic Orange Squash - 500 ML


Induz Organic Orange Squash is an Organic Squash & prepared from best quality Organic Oranges. No artificial color, sweetener or flavor added; so the taste of Oranges is truly retained & it refreshes you in the best way.

Organic Mango Squash - 500 ML


Induz Organic’s delectable varieties of real homemade recipes of squash and Indian natural summer coolersare the real representation of YOU and INDIA. These products will surely take you to the memory lane of your childhood days, Try this Mango Squash made from Indigenous varieties of naturally ripened mangoes and you will start believing in the goodness of the natural coolers to counter the blistering summer heat.This bottle of Mango squash is preserved with 30% Lemon Juice without using any Chemical preservatives, colors, stabilisers or flavors, which will ensure that you remain well hydrated this Summer!!

Organic Aam Panna Concentrate - 500 ML


If you want to enjoy the taste of Aam Panna (Indian raw mango cooler) in any time of the year, then wait no more… Making your own tangy, thirst-quenching INDUZ Aam Panna is a snap with this delicious Aam Panna Concentrate. And there is a lot more you can do with this concentrate than just making INDUZ Aam Panna…

Organic Aloevera Juice 500 Ml


Aloe vera juice is an excellent way to keep your liver healthy. Drinking aloe vera juice helps increase the water content in your intestines.

Triphala Juice


triphala juice