Quality And Assurance

Quality consciousness is imbibed and inculcated into our processes, systems and operations and every assurance from us is backed by a robust system that monitors and controls quality from end to end; from the choice of seeds best suited to the unique conditions of each farm, to prompt customer service and accurate delivery of every order. Our commitment to quality is backed by substantial investments in high-tech testing equipment and trained Quality Assurance professionals. Our fully-fledged QA team operates a dedicated in- house laboratory to guarantee a full range of potential hazards on physical, chemical and biological parameters including extraneous matter, moisture, bulk density, granulation, E.coli, salmonella, platelet counts, protein content, pesticide, aflatoxins and more. Apart from this we have on board NABL accredited and internationally acclaimed Laboratories, through which we get the lab tests done like PR residual test on time to time or on as on when required basis.


At Aryavarta we understand that Customer is the king, customer service is the difference between losing or retaining a customer. Getting Consumers is easier in comparison to Retaining Consumers and the toughest part is Keep them Growing, Happy and Satisfied! At Aryavarta Customer service is a process which revolves around everything that we do… starting from the development of the products to its sales and till satisfaction of our consumers.


At Aryavarta we keep on doing R&D on developing products with earthy and traditional recipes as well as in the form in which consumer will accept the same. We understand it well that unless and until the products meet the customer expectations taste wise and value wise until then all our effort will be in vague. Our effort is to develop those products which are totally in line with the customer demands and expectations.


Aryavarta works tirelessly towards making Organic Products affordable and economical, we believe in philosophy that if any product is good and healthy, its for everyone and its every Individual’s right to have a good and healthy food!! Our team does its best to keep our customers updated with market intelligence and act according to market fluctuations to ensure that we achieve our goal of Making Organic Affordable and giving Value for money customer is investing in us.


At Aryavarta all our efforts and mind boggling sessions rotate around how easy it is for our customers to access and acquire our products. We understand the pivotal role convenience, accessibility of information and products, timely availability of products and timely deliveries play in businesses and also in consumer’s Kitchen!!

We at Aryavarta boast to have retained growing base of loyal bulk buyers, customers by ensuring availability of products, timely deliveries of orders, keeping consistency in the quality, by assuring year-round availability of products and resolving any consumer complaints within 24 hours.


Our Talented, Energetic Young and dynamic team are the Wheels of our Chariot, they take us on our success path and ensure our growth and steps towards a better tomorrow.

From our Workers to Field Officers to Operations Team and Sales Team in the market We are a Brand of Energetic and Incredible People who have Die Hard and Never say Never Attitude!! If you have similar vibes??? Lets Associate and Lets Start Talking: