At Aryavarta Social responsibility is a serious business as we are related to Farmers and Farmer Families its the core of our organization, it was the reason we started and we pledged to contribute to the people and communities around us to bring the lost smiles back on less opurtunate marginal farmers, to provide economic, social and environmental benefits to our communities, country and planet!

Apart from seeing Organic Food Products we have a very serious business to do!! If we are not making an impact on our society and environment, its not worth!! Aryavarta is committed to protecting the local ecosystem by working closely with farmers to find sustainable ways to grow, harvest and processing organic goods in sustainable ways. Our commitment extends to improving the lives of farmers and communities that we work with, through contributions which empower them.

Through our activities and campaigns we’ve been able to make economic, social and environmental contributions.



Our marginal farmers are from rural part of India. Earlier they were not having market access for cash crops and were producing grains only for their own consumption. Some farmers had access to vast stretches of community land, but lacked the means, tools, implements or the the right information to till them. This resulted in poor yields and a loss of production opportunity. We provided them a market for various cash crops and also supplied seeds and knowledge to improve their crops. This gave the farmers an opportunity to start farming commercially and earn an income for their livelihood.


Apart from stable market access, our farmers benefit from the drastic reduction in farming costs. Most of our manpower consists of project staff who are dedicated to working closely with farmers, engaging and training them in organic farming techniques. We promote the use of organic alternatives to harmful pesticides and fertilizers. These organic inputs can be prepared using resources on the farm which are freely available, and therefore eliminate the use of expensive chemical products. The costs are further reduced as we pick up the material from farm-gates and save the farmer transportation costs. Aryavarta also works directly with farmers, without the involvement of brokers who charge commission. Overall, these measures reduce the costs of the farmers by up to 35%.


The removal of chemical fertilizers also prevent the degradation of the soil. Removal of pesticides reduce the crop’s dependency on external artificial means, while organic supplements are used to boost crop immunity and make them more resistant to pest attacks and weather changes. We also promote the use of beneficial insects and organisms. Overall, these efforts nurture the farm’s ecosystem and improve the yields and crop quality over time. We also pay a premium to farmers for their produce, which contributes to a growth of 8-10% in the farmer’s income.


Aryavarta offers its Farmer Community the powder of knowledge to live in society with holding up their heads high….the Farmers who were at the bottom rungs of the economic ladder, We gave them an opportunity to advance to higher income and education levels. We help these farmers with the know-hows and farm inputs at their doorsteps through help of localised and customised technology. Aryavarta Farmers = Smart and Happy Farmers!!

Jai Jawan Jai Kisaan!!

We work with vision of Our great Former Prime Minister Late Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji, At Aryavarta we believe that Our Farmers and Our Proud Soldiers are the lifeline of India. Aryavarta donates 1% of its total Profits every year for benefit of Farmers and Army Welfare Fund.


Organic farming methods and principles are in accordance with Nature and is beneficial for the the environment and those who are closely associated with farms. By removing chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides, organic farming practices promote the health of the soil, air and water on farms and produce crops that have no chemical residue.

Aryavarta is founded with the motive to make farms and farming practices chemical free by following ancient farming practices and we have dedicated our energy and resources in motivating farmers to convert from conventional agriculture methods to sustainable and organic practices. These efforts with time has surely brought Some major environmental impacts which include:

- Decreased diseases in Famers Families.

- Marked improvement in the quality of soil, Higher Yelids.

- Instead of burning or discarding crop residue from farms, it is being put back into the farm ecosystem.

Marked reduction in water required by crops during the season; Increased Water Retention Capacity of the Soil.