Food of Ancient Times:

Aryavarta project’s impetus is First and Foremost is to bring back our Indigenous A2 Cows back in our Farms and Farmers home and if this happens automatically our farms will convert to Organic Farming lands, Our Farmers will be independent they will not have to rely on external inputs for their farms from market and they will start doing Organic Farming in a sustainable manner. Initially we are focusing on converting the lands in rain fed and eco sensitive zones into organic and thereby seed a better life to the farmers who have been in destitute due to vagaries of rain, fertility of land and souring input cost. We recently successfully converted 960 acres of land into organic in Jagdalpur and Kanker Chattisgarh, which is a completely rain fed and eco sensitive zone. Aryavarta has a team of 22 farm level employees who are responsible in bringing about this transformation and want to spread this transformation in various other regions of the country. We through our Farmer Communities and Self Help Groups conduct various farm level initiatives like farm level training, farm input supply, seed supply, certification and organise health camps. We initiate farm level programs aimed at reducing the farm level cost through green manuring which involves pit preparation, decomposing of plant and animal waste, preparation of panchakavya, vermicompost and EM1 to farmers, we Conduct work shops and enter into long term agreements with farmers with buying commitment, conducting periodic audit, maintenance of farm dairy, on door purchase, electronic weighments and premium on the produce are some the farm level initiatives of ours. Our Team and Groups has been instrumental in undertaking farm level initiatives to add more farm into the organic space and increase the network of farmers Today, Aryavarta works with approx. 3600 farmers and has the organic philosophy spread across an impressive 16000 acres spanned across states of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Himachal and North Eastern States.

In all our projects, we promote organic agriculture and guide our farmers through training and certification. We encourage the concept of ‘zero-cost’ farming by providing them with seeds and training to use various bio- manures, bio-pesticides and composting methods. This procedure lifts the burden of upfront costs (of seeds and other inputs) off of the farmers and enables them to produce high-quality, certified organic products. We not only promote organic but our focus is also on the socioeconomic development and upliftment of lifestyle of our farmers, We strive to empower our farmers by providing continuing education in organic farming methods and promoting sustainable technologies. For example, some farmers have been able to harvest twice as many crops annually by adopting techniques demonstrated by our backend field force. They taught farmers how to maximize their own farm input production by Ancient Vedic Farming Techniques, utilising locally available herbs for fertility and pest management, promoting the farming of low water consumption crops and techniques such as drip irrigation and rainwater harvesting. This knowledge in practice has significantly improved the economic viability of these farms and the well-being of these farm families.